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We have been so blessed to have such wonderful homes for our babies.It is so hard to see them leave, but it is so wonderful to see how loved they are!  We hope you enjoy our photo album of puppies that have been born here, in their new homes as much as we do.  To view more pictures follow the links above.






Bubba and Tank resting after a fun day.


Angus playing hide n seek






Bisquit as he grows, isn't he a handsome fella!!!





Gus in one of his costumes

Oscar posing for the camera



Dozer hoping for a treat






Nigel and Milo hanging out.

Lil Lucy @ 6 months chilling






Dozer  already buff at 6 months

Gretta playing with her doll.


William wanting to play.


Tubby Jelly Bean



Zoey getting her teeth brushed


A Snuggle Bug








Nikki and Oscar

Elliot, Oscar and Ceaser

Frank playing with leaves






Shelby knows she is cool

Oscar in the wheel barrrel


Benjamin enjoying the cake batter.