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Rainbow Bridge



My little Kitty !  Kitty was my couch pal, the ONLY bulldog that has ever been sweet enough to sleep at the end of the bed away from our feet. She was into everything and she lived up to her name. She was like a cat, she would climb on the back of the couch, jump inot everything and would get any object she wanted. The kids always would always know when she was in their room because something would be missing. Kitty never had a sad day, life was a adventure  to her.

Kitty was 2 weeks away from having babies. She was not acting quite right, and our regular vet was not on call. The on call vet had us check her temp, and said to check her again later. We did this often and then at 2 in the morning she spiked a fever, and was not acting well at all. We finally contacted our regular vet and we rushed to the emergency room. She had eclampsia (milk fever) this is not normal for a dog to expierence before having puppies. Our vet and the tech did everything they could to save her to no avail. She was huge and I asked if they could take the puppies out after she had passed, so I could she her one more time the way I would remember her. What they found was 10 water puppies. We figure that is what caused her to have the eclampsia. Her death almost put a stop to Maraul Bulldogs. We struggled with the decision of continuing for a year. But the bulldogs are part of who we are so we have continued on!  I always tell people who want to breed thier girls that the complications of pregnancy with bulldogs is real even in this day and age. Kittens death has haunted me so much that it took 2 years for me to even post about her loss on the website.

I miss my Kitty so much.



We miss you so, our little "Beaver" 

     Sami died from complications from a c-section... She was Dena's Velcro baby, and always was sure to greet you with a good morning conversation. She was our peacemaker and cuddeler.. whenever any of her people needed a good friend she was always there. She lives in our memories everyday, and all of us in the Gustaf Family remember her with joy and sorrow.. The Garth Brooks song "The Dance" says it all!



3 years before the terrible loss of Sami, we lost Tori at a different vets again from complications.. Tori had a "bleeder" and by the time we got her back to the vets there was nothing that could be done. Our kids called her their sister, she went EVERYWHERE with us .. She was our first experience with a bulldog litter. After these two terrible losses ( the pain never goes away) I can never stress enough to people how heartbreaking this breed can be. Tori went to a vet that is considered a Bulldog Expert. There is never any guarantee. The only reason I can even think of why we decide to go on is because of our love of the breed.  This breed is definitely  not for the weak of heart!