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On this page is photos of the bullies that we are now showing. Although health and temperament is our priority in our breeding program, we also strongly believe if we cannot be competitive in the show ring we should not be breeding.  We believe that by showing your dogs, you are able to see if you are doing a good job breeding to the Bulldog Standard, which is what all good breeders try to achieve so this wonderful breed looks like a REAL BULLDOG. We do not show every weekend, our children come first! We also make sure to keep showing fun, because if it is fun for us it is fun for the dogs. 

 Shack-N-Lo's This Color Wont Run

Shack is quite the guy, His show record includes winning puppy sweepstakes at the Bulldog Nationals. The first show out with us he took best of Winners, and the next day he took Reserve winners dog. We have decided to let Shack grow up a bit more before we take him back out the fall of 2007. He has sired two girls that we will be more in spring 2007.

Millerbulls Pie Ala Mode

Pie is pictured above at 9 months of age. Her second show she got reserve winners bitch 2 days in a row. Since then she has been in 9 specialty shows and 2 allbreed shows. She has placed 1st place in her in her class 4 times, 2cnd once, and 3rd and 4th the other shows. She has also received reserve winners bitch 2 additional times. Pie has a beautiful head and jaw, correct turn of shoulders, spring of rib, and beautiful movement.

Shack-N-Lo Bit of a Tease at Maraul

Teaser was born here at Maraul, and co-bred and co-owned with Lois Shrout of Shack-N-Lo Bulldogs.

Lil Shack is Teasers sire, Stella is her mother. Her first show at 6 months and a few days Teaser took reserve winners bitch in St Paul Minnesota. We are proud of Teaser and will post photos soon!